Monday, July 7, 2008

I need your help!!!!

My wonderful sister-in-law LOVES reading blogs and her hubby set one up for her (and she doesn't know it!) Our job as blog friends is to encourage her to write on it and share her stories. (They have great ones!). I know she has been talking about having one for awhile and is nervous because she thinks her stories won't be funny. Well...I know these Indy Laughlins and they ALWAYS have great stories! Can you help me out and encourage Amanda to post??? All you need to do it click here and leave a message saying hi or welcome to the blog world! :) Then, pass their site along to a friend and have them do the same! I am going to throw her a blog party so to speak and will randomly pick a winner from the comment section and send the winner some goodies! :) All my lurkers, now is the time to head over there and say hello! Even if you don't know me or Amanda, head on over! :) The contest will end on Thurs. at 11 am (central time). Have fun and THANK YOU!


Ferris Family said...

Thanks so much for the google reader help. Now I have a new adiction.