Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beginning and End

Beginning of Day: Started by going to the doctor so he could test the nerves in my legs. Not my idea of fun. They started off by shocking me in different spots in the lower legs and feet. It seriously made me think of the part in thebeginning of Ghostbusters where Bill Murray's character was shocking the man with the cards. It made me very jumpy! The next part was the worst though. They have to stick needles in me...5 each leg (3 lower leg muscles, my quad, and hip) and THEN move it around. It was awful. I felt like such a baby because I was crying and seriously couldn't stop. The thing that did make me feel better (besides the test being over) was that they said the biggest criers were big ol' football players. ha! Below is a picture (from yahoo)of the shock test they do's not my foot ;)

End of Day: I met up with some great friends, whom I taught with, to catch up and hear how their summer is going. They are all going to be at different schools next year. :( We met at Heidelberg which has a great happy hour and 1/2 price appetizers. It is SO great to have amazing friends!


The Malones said...

I love that part in Ghostbusters!!! And the cute girl doesn't get shocked but Bill Murray keeps shocking the nerdy guy!! Hilarious! Not the stuff about your foot though! That sucks! You are one tough cookie! I am glad you went out to let loose after that! Talk to you soon!

Dan and Amanda said...

OOohhh Kasey that sounds terrible! Hope you are feeling better today. Miss ya!