Thursday, June 14, 2012


Nothing like trying to fit everything in all at once. I guess that is the way summer is :)
We've been busy trying to get things ready for a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday.

Also, after picking up Evan from preschool the past few days we've gone on a "surprise" each day. He has had THE BEST three days of school. Listening to his teachers, playing nicely with friends, and just plain ol' happy. It was really cute watching him get excited for each surprise. He kept saying "what is it?" Then he would say, "Alex where we going?"
On Tuesday, we went to Orange Leaf and had some yogurt. It was delicious!

Wednesday we went to see Madagascar 3. It was such a cute movie. Evan didn't move throughout the entire movie and was so into it. :) Alex did great too, but did get fussy from 6 pm on (we saw the 445 show) since that is his bedtime :)

Today, we went to Toys R Us and let the boys play with the train table and Evan got to pick out a small toy.

We've also been busy playing with Jack and just enjoying summer.