Friday, June 15, 2012

Saying thanks...

Thursday we decided to finally set up a time and drop off our donations to Children's Hospital. It was a very emotional visit for Mike and I even though it wasn't very long. We met up with two of the Family Life workers (one who was even there and helping us when Evan was hospitalized for the week). They were so very grateful for the toys that could be used and we were so very thankful for everything the hospital did making sure our boys got better last fall. (see links below...)
If they didn't catch the bacteria in Evan's blood right away or we didn't bring him in when we did, he would have been much sicker than what he was...scary.

For the boy's birthday party on the invitation, we wrote that we wanted to be a Superhero for someone else. We asked instead of toys for Evan and Alex, if they wanted to bring a new or gently used toy, that we would be donating them to the hospital.

We had a rough time last fall...
Evan hospitalized twice for almost 2 weeks
October 25, 2011
Reading through that first post brings tears to my eyes...Evan was so very sick...we didn't know how sick at the time. Being in the hospital with him and having to care for a 5 month old was even worse. Thankfully Mike's parents and my parents were able to come up to the hospital and give Mike and I a break or stay home with Alex until it was his next feeding.
Day 4 in the hospital
Last days/thoughts

Alex hospitalized twice for 4 days total
Thanksgiving illness...respiratory infection, double ear infection, hospital stay

Gratitude days/posts about boys and being sick/getting better
Nov. 2nd
Nov. 10th
Nov. 16th
Nov. 17th

This picture makes me smile...being able to give back and help other kids and families who are there now or might be there in the future is a great feeling. Getting our boys involved in giving back at such a young age is an even better feeling. We are so very blessed and thankful for the hospital, nurses, staff, doctors and our family and friends for helping us through a tough and scary time...
It feels good to give back...


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