Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just wanted to give an update about the boys before I forget some of the fun things they have been doing lately. :) Here we are...Evan at 3 years 1 month and Alex at 13 months.

Evan is hilarious. He says some pretty funny things. I've been trying to write them down, but I often forget. A couple of the things he has been doing lately, is when we sing Jesus Loves Me....at the part where it it goes "they are weak, but he is strong..." every time after we sing he is strong...he says, "Like a Superhero," and then holds his arms up like he is making big muscles. He has also been trying to take care of Alex by saying baby Alex is hungry or he has a wet diaper. He loves to tickle Alex and make him laugh...then says "I made Alex happy" :)
 He loves to try to do everything himself....taking off or putting on clothes, washing face and hands, and helping with holding doors or carrying things inside. It's pretty cute! Is still in love with Superheros and being nice :) He is doing so well at preschool and LOVES going there to play with his friends. Has endless energy and his favorite thing to do right now is to go play outside. Loves climbing on our backyard climber and looking for bugs. Still isn't interested in potty training, but I think we are getting there. He will go, but if it is forced or we push, he doesn't want to. Is wearing size 3T shorts and 4T shirts and size 9 shoes. Man, I love this kid!

Alex is almost 14 months old!!!!!! He looks like such a big kid with his new haircut. He is walking all over the place and you can almost see him try to run but his little legs won't catch up yet. He is a pro at climbing up steps and doing fairly well at going down them. He wants to just walk down, so if we remind him "feet first" or "sit on your bottom" he usually does that and is fine. He also LOVES to dance. He will sway back and forth, clap and get the biggest grin on his face anytime there is music on. Loves to clap and wave bye bye.  Alex is getting more vocal and actually has a few real words...he has been saying dada and mama for awhile, but you can also hear bird, ball, ohhh, and uh-oh. Sometimes you might be able to make out the words; that, more, and done. He is signing "all done" but it is more like a very exaggerated hand clap. :) He gets SO SO excited when it is time to eat, he will start to reach for his tray when I am putting him in his chair and start clapping. Eats almost anything...loves meat, cheese, fruit, not a big fan of vegetables, but does eat them. Loves fruity cheerios, raisin bread, blueberries, watermelon, and anything that Evan, Mike or I eat. :) Wearing size 4 shoes and diapers and is in 18-24 month shorts and shirts and size 2T pajamas. Love this little guy!!!