Thursday, June 28, 2012

Car trips...

We are gearing up for a few road trips in the next month and to help the time go quickly for Evan I decided to make some things that I think will help in the car. :)

First I printed off some background "scenes". I can't find the website where I downloaded a few of them from. (If I do find it, I will link it back up!!). You can also google construction scenes or dinosaur scenes and then click on images to see if any will work. Then, I copied and pasted them into a word document and printed them out on regular printer paper. I also laminated everything to help for durability and so we can reuse them again.

I got 2 smaller cookies sheets at the dollar store that work perfectly for this. I also bought magnetic tape. The rest I used from around the house (car toys, construction trucks, space/airplane/glow in the dark stars, trains). If I didn't have anything that I could use (or that would stick onto the cookie sheet with the magnetic tape well) I then found images online, saved them and printed them in color. and also laminated them. 
Everything has a piece of the magnetic tape on the back to keep it on the cookie sheet.

Our "scenes" include
Matching/Puzzles/Coloring sheets

I also included some laminated coloring sheets and bought some dry erase washable markers that Evan can use. That way, we can reuse them! :)

I put everything in a ziplock bag for that "scene" and when we are in the car, I can just grab one of the bags out at a time. They fit nice and neat in his book bag that the Morrison family made for his 2nd birthday. Perfect!

 For the matching, I also placed a small piece of the magnetic tape on the back for him to match them and put them on the cookie sheet. Each group of matching pieces is in a smaller ziplock bag. :)

 And we are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully Evan will love it!! :)