Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Recap

Reflecting over what a great weekend we had. Busy, but good! As usual, an overload of pics :)


  • Had a fun day playing outside...we were outside most of the morning. :) After Mike got done with work, we headed to the mall. We had dinner at Sbarro, let the boys play at the train table in Barnes and Noble and then went to Target to pick up diapers and look around :) A great tantrums or whining! (from Mike or the boys...ha!)


  • I woke up early while Mike watched the boys and went to some garage sales. I found some great deals on 4T fall/winter boy clothes, the foam play mats, Superhero costumes, board games (for my classroom at school), a craft table (for $3!), and a Cars car racetrack. Some good finds! It also didn't hurt, that I was alone sipping some Starbucks :)

  •   After Alex's morning nap and lunch, Mike and I and the boys headed to Art in the Park. This had some art vendors selling their art, but we went since the weather was beautiful, walked around, and thankfully no one broke anything, and headed to the playground so the boys could play. Evan saw one of his friends from preschool so his mom and I chatted and the boys played. 

 And yes, Evan walked around like this for most of the time we were there. He had people come up saying "hi Spiderman" and when Evan would pretend to get people with his "web" a few people would pretend to get stuck in the web. It was pretty cute! (And yes, that was another garage sale find)
 Apparently, they both saw something they liked :)

  • After heading home and nap time, we played out in the backyard for a long time before dinner. Seriously...the weather was absolutely perfect. :)


  •  We headed to church this morning and brought our friend, Justine. So glad she was able to come and also saw my friend, Michelle. A great message as usual! :) Lunch, naps, playing outside, and "help" at dinner time.

 Hope you had a great weekend too!