Thursday, December 22, 2011


 Thanks Heather! ;)

number of Christmas cards received: 56
number of packages received: 2
number of packages that arrived just in time for STL: 2
number of Christmas cards sent out: 100
number of times Alex got up last night: 4
number of times Alex got up Tuesday night: 6
number of teeth coming in *and they better hurry!: 4
number of dollars spent at the grocery store: too much
number of Dr. Pepper brownies I'm making for our big Christmas Eve family party: 3
number of Christmas movies watched: 5
number of Christmas cookies made: 0
number of Christmas sugar cookies still on the agenda to make: 1 (a new egg-less one!)
number of times Evan got up last night: 3
number of shows at Evan's preschool this week: 2
number of days traveling this Christmas break: 8
number of cities visited: 3
number of cups of coffee (decaf): 4
number of projects finished while Alex had a 3 hour nap: 4
number of days before Christmas: 2

Why did it come so fast this year?? And WHY did I wait so long?! :)