Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good to go...


We are all healthy! :)
Had follow up appointments for both boys and everyone is good to go! Not contagious, no lingering problems, so let's keep it that way! :)

Alex had his 6 month appointment and is 17 lbs (40th percentile for weight) and 27 inches (40th percentile for height). Love all of the screeches and mouth movements he is making too. He is definitely getting around...not quite crawling, but getting where he wants to go by rolling and turning. He loves apples and pears and hates green beans and sweet potatoes. Next we'll try squash :) He is wearing mostly 12 month clothes and size 2 shoes. Love to play with his toys and when we make funny faces and tickle him, but he especially loves it when Evan is tickling/getting him to laugh. He is eating his hands, so that makes me think a tooth (or two) is coming soon. Orajel is our friend right now :) Alex is one of the most content babies and I can't believe is going on his 7th month. Time flies, but it feels like it goes even faster the second time around. We love you so much Alex!

 At 2.5 years old, Evan is doing great and just within the last month or so, his vocabulary has taken off. He is now stringing together 5-8 word sentences and can tell you what he wants or something that he saw/has happened. He is doing fantastic at his new preschool and has done such a good job making friends, listening, and following directions. He can tell us what he does during the day and loves the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! :) He can sing a little bit of Jesus Loves Me and definitely needs a routine for bedtime. After getting out of the hospital, he started hating bedtime. He was scared and we had to start leaving the door open/cracked. Finally last night he said he was scared of the "osts". After talking with our doctor today, he thinks the nurses (who dress in light colored clothing) who came in and out throughout the night while he was in the hospital for the week scared him...and now he attributes that to scary/ghosts. It is starting to get better, so hopefully in the next few weeks he will feel okay about bedtime. He is so fun to be around and watching him play with Alex brings a smile to our faces. Love you E-man!