Friday, December 16, 2011


10 Random thoughts...

  • Not ready for Christmas...this is the first year that I'm not and I thought I'd be stressing out, but I'm not. I just can't get it done. The wrapping, finishing up the odds and ends, making sure I have gifts for everyone. I know it will get done, but I'm not worried...(check back with me on Christmas Eve! ha!)
  • You ever get that feeling that a friend or family is just totally lying???? And possibly not telling the whole truth to their neither ;)
  • I wish traveling was quicker and easier...meaning...I want to be in Indy visiting family and helping my sis in law who has a lot on her plate right now while adjusting as a family of 6! I wish there wasn't so much of a travel distance between us. Between her and my sister, I want to be able to see them and catch up whenever possible. It's just hard not living in the same city as both of them...they are my best friends and I don't have that close of a relationship with anyone here in town and I miss them both.
  • Only three more days of school before Christmas Winter break. Ugh! I wish today was our last day.
  • Heading to St. Louis this weekend while Mike has to work. I miss my mom and dad (and bro and sis!) and I'm so excited to be there and then also head back on Thursday to celebrate Christmas! :)
  • Love that our door is filling up with Christmas count as of now...22 :) (edited...7 new ones today!)
  • Today is Mike's work Christmas party...I'm loving the smell in the house as I'm baking muffins, cookies, and brownies! Yum!
  • I wish sometimes I could just let out how I really feel about a situation...having to hold it all inside, keep everything in and pretend is so so hard. Anyone else feel this way? But...opening that up could be WW3!
  • Heading to the doctor today to get Alex's ears checked out again...hoping it's just teeth.
  •'s Friday.


Aubrey said...

A few years ago when you posted the picture of your Christmas cards on the door I just loved the idea and we've been doing it ever since. Hope you have a great christmas!

Aubrey said...
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Anonymous said...

I say just let it out, are free to have your own thoughts and feelings...just like others are free to choose who they see or don't see. ;) love you