Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 10

Top 10 things I want to remember about our Christmas Day...

The look on Evan and Alex's faces when they saw that Santa came

Alex laughing and playing with his new learning bug

Evan laughing so hard he's crying...(I was laughing at Alex and tears were coming out of my eyes, Evan starts laughing for a few seconds and then starts pretending he is crying. it was awesome)
(note to self...upload video of this!)

Matching Christmas PJ's

E learning how to blow the train whistle

Evan driving cars on Mike's present

Alex giggling uncontrollably while Evan tickles him
(note to self...upload video!)

Alex's Christmas miracle ;)
(trust don't want to see this pic.)
After almost three weeks of not going #2, it finally happened after a dinner of mirolax and prunes.

Watching the boys play together or at least sharing toys! :)

Celebrating the real reason for the season!