Saturday, December 10, 2011


  • Can't believe that Alex will be 7 months old tomorrow
  • Love that almost every time Evan is counting to ten, he skips 4.
  • I think I am all ready for Christmas...just need time to actually sit and wrap gifts. I'm hoping to get to it this week while E is at school. By the way...where do you hide gifts????
  • I think I need a professional organizer to come over and help me purge
  • Trying to figure out work plans for Mike and I for next year...decisions, decisions...
  • Alex is doing great sleeping all naps and bedtime in his crib (finally!) and he definitely is a stomach sleeper. 

  • Evan got a new bed that we are hoping will help with his not being scared of his room/bed/ghosts/etc. He does great sleeping at preschool...maybe we should've just bought a cot! ;)

  • Sold lots of toys and baby gear in a consignment sale...that money will be going toward our new transmission in the Escape. boo. We figure IF we have another baby in a few years, we'll just get what we really need...craigslist and friends will hopefully come in handy then :)
  • Ready for a nap...
  • I forgot how much teething babies drool
  • I need to post some videos of the boys for my out of town family to see...hopefully tonight or tomorrow!
  • Took some fantastic pictures for a friend for their Christmas cards....hoping to post a few of those too. 
  • Love listening to Evan sing "Jesus Loves Me" at night
  • Alex is seriously the most content baby
  • Happy Saturday friends!