Monday, February 8, 2010

Shower and Superbowl Silly Uncles

Matthew and Rebecca's wedding shower/Superbowl Party was a blast! I was so sorry to miss it, but thankfully my mom took some pictures so I could see everyone :) Almost everyone there was a Saints fan, so it was fun for everyone with their win last night (my cousins Amanda and Dave were the only ones rooting for Indy there and I hear the rest of the family even converted their youngest son Mason into a Saints fan too!)

Congrats Matthew and Rebecca!!!!

Opening presents...see my crazy Uncles in the back? ha!
Love the poster too!
Uncle Mark, Aunt Barb and Kelli
 Kelli, Rebecca and Matthew
 Kelli and mom
 My Uncle Danny and Uncle Dino and I believe they were giving my cousin, Daniel, his 21st birthday present...which I saw the picture of the gift and let's just say this blog is PG, so I can't post the pic here! It's hilarious though and perfect for a 21 year old guy and his crazy uncles to think of something like that :)
 Jennifer, Daniel and Kim
 Morgan and Khyleigh
 Aunt Barb, Aunt Lisa, and Grandma watching the game...
 Lyndsay, Amanda, and Kingston (plus baby boy to be!)
 My Uncle Paulie and Aunt Sandy

Uncle Mike
Wonder if that came off of my Uncle Mike's head or how hard he had to scrub!?! Ha! 
Congrats to the Saints!!!