Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Celebrate The Boy

For THE ENTIRE MONTH OF FEBRUARY, Made is teaming up with Made by Rae (the two Made-Maids) and together we're going to

This is from their site:
To "moms of boys" out there, we've heard your woes! There just isn't enough info shared amongst us about BOYS. There aren't enough clothing ideas, enough tutorials, enough fresh ideas. Well ladies (and little gents), we're going to stock your Tonka Trucks full of info!

Throughout the month you'll find:
* TONS of Boy tutorials
* Boy clothing ideas
* TWELVE guest bloggers! (this part REALLY excites me)
* Boy crafts
* Boy bags
* Baby Boy stuff
* Boy giveaways
* Boy design tips

Boy, that's a lot! And remember....it's happening on TWO blogs!
Not a lick of girly glitter here for the whole month. It's gonna be hard. But I think we can do it
 Here are the blogs:
Made By Rae

  • I am SO excited to see this! I always see cute little girl tutorials and crafts, but I will definitely be checking these out each day to see what they have in store for us moms of boys! :) I might even try a few of the crafts and projects! I am so excited for this! Happy Tuesday!


Katie said...

Oh great! 2 more blogs to keep up with?! Can someone pay me to just read blogs all day? (Their ideas are super cute! )

jenny said...

yey! i'm so pumped that you shared this. :)

Nicole said...

Oh my awesoem! Thanks for the link!!

LeeAnn | {froggyleggs} said...

I LOVE this site and have added sooo many things into my TO DO bookmark! HAHAHAHAH!