Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday randoms

  • It's Valentine's Day weekend! :) What are your plans?
  • Last night we went to Home Depot to get a new snow's snowing again here this morning and Mike cracked the shovel last night trying to scrape the ice off of the front porch. We didn't find any, and I finally asked a worker who kindof laughed at us; she then said that they sent all of their snow shovels to the East coast (D.C, Maryland, etc) because of their recent snow storms. At least our snow isn't that much and doesn't look like this! :) (Sorry Laura!)
  • While at Home Depot, I was inspired to want to redo most everything in our house! ha! So...I'm going to be posting some pictures (probably this weekend) of our kitchen. I've been wanting and contemplating what to do with that area. I would love to get new countertops and just repaint the cabinets but need some advice on what color because our walls and floor are both dark. I will probably paint the walls again, but love the blue color we's just a little too dark for the area we have since it's not very big. Look for some pictures this weekend because I definitely need help! :) 
  • Happy Birthday Harold!!! We hope you have a great birthday today!!!

  • I'm so ready for spring! I can't wait for warmer weather and flowers and green grass. How much longer??? :) Yesterday Evan and I went out for a little's been 2 weeks since we've been out (except for a grocery store trip and a doctor visit) and I was definitely stir crazy! We headed to Babies R Us and I got him the cutest sandals for spring/summer. They were on sale for $1.81. I couldn't believe it! I bought a size 4 and 5 in the black ones because who knows what size he'll be at the end of summer and for that price, I knew I couldn't let them pass. I also bought a little floaty for the pool and our spring break trip to Florida. 

  • I almost beat the original Super Mario Bros on the Wii this morning! Koopa is a lot tougher than I remember! :)
  • Happy Friday everyone!!!


Laura said...

I think Ken bought a shovel from MO this week. ;)