Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Thursday Thoughts...(could also be a late top 10 tues!)

  1. Evan still isn't sleeping through the night...we are getting close, but we're not there yet. He's getting up a few times a night but can put himself back to sleep, but the 4ish one he seems to not be able to go back to sleep from that one. We'll get there...soon I hope! :)
  2. So excited to see my sister and our friend Natalie tonight. They are coming to town to see the Tim McGraw/Lady Antebellum concert tonight at Mizzou Arena. Mike's working the concert so that's fun too! We are going to go out to brunch tomorrow too before they need to head back to STL. 
  3. Love the sunshine we've had recently, but seriously...the cold weather needs to go! I am so sick of being cold! I want warm weather...
  4. I wish I had unlimited amounts of money (like everyone else out there I'm sure!)...I want to do lots of things to our house...or better yet, get a bigger house. We are going to move Evan's room to the back spare bedroom and make his room into a playroom. That means repainting, organizing, moving stuff...not looking forward to that, but definitely looking forward to having our living room back. Also getting ready to paint our bathroom cabinets in both bathrooms. I am going to wait until its a little bit warmer to paint the kitchen cabinets so I can do it in the garage and not freeze my toosh off. 
  5. For some reason, I'm not a big fan of American Idol this year. I don't think it's Paula being gone either. Maybe the singers aren't that good...who knows?! I didn't even want to watch all the guys sing last night so I turned it off. Maybe it will get better once it's down to 12. we'll see...
  6. Family prayers....My Aunt Barb had some lung pain and headaches recently and went back to the hospital...thank goodness they didn't find anything in her brain (cancer growth) and she is back at home with some new meds. Mike's grandpa is still fighting with congestive heart failure and is retaining fluids. Also, pray for Dan's knee surgery tomorrow, he tore his ACL again and it has been dislocating...thank you!
  7. Excited to see our friends Ryan and Heather this Saturday. I still can't believe they are moving to TN! We are going to miss them...
  8. A few things I want to remember about Evan recently...he loves his da-da. While Mike is getting ready for work in the morning Evan crawls from room to room to watch him. It's pretty cute. Also, when Mike goes out to his car, Evan sits in my lap in the chair and laughs, smiles, and says da-da. When the car backs away, he stretches and cranks his neck around to see him. Also, Evan had on some slick pants yesterday and during nap time decided that he didn't want them on. I went in to get him after his nap and saw that his pants were off and he threw them out of the crib. Good thing he hasn't figured out how to take that diaper off! :)
  9. Has anyone sold any big items on Craigslist? We are hoping to get rid of a huge desk and a couple of other things but wanted to know if that was the best way to go...thoughts? 
  10. Glad I have some really great friends to talk with online and through email about being a first time mom. Some days I feel like I am doing nothing right and others I think I'm doing ok. I know every baby is different and does things at their own pace, but it's nice to know that I'm not going through this thing called parenting alone. I often only blog/write about the positive things about my day and with Evan, but I'd like to start documenting our not so sunny moments too. It's hard though when others are reading...other people who you don't know and other family members that you do know. I don't want to be judged about being a mom and what I write or how we are raising Evan. Anyway...I just wanted to say thanks for my friends to I can go to for advice! :) Happy Thursday!!


Nicole said...

I have to say I've been downright amazed at the amount of support and advice I've received from blogging about my worst days. I know there are people that judge me... and to be honest I've had close friends and family judge me for my ramblings but I guess the way I see it is I'm an open and honest person and I don't have anything to hide or be ashamed of. Sure, I do turn to my real-life friends for a lot but I find that I get the most help from random bloggers that happen to be going through the same things as I am.

It's a catch 22, I guess.... I do find it therapeutic to vent through my blog and it is so relieving to get a surprising comment with helpful advice/support from someone I had no idea existed.

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Kasey you and Mike are awesome parents!! And just look at your little guy, he is already walking! The sleeping thing is something we struggled with Thomas until he turned one and even now he still wakes up through the night, I blame a lot of that on teething, it has been are worst nightmare.

LeeAnn | {froggyleggs} said...

We've put large things on craigslist before and had pretty good success. It just drives us nuts that when people call or email, and they dont come get it, dont show up, or dont follow through with their interest. So dont be surprised if you list it and maybe its the 4th or 5th person that responds, that actually will show up. But other than that.. just be persistent with them and tell them you have someone else interested if they aren't. :)