Friday, February 19, 2010

a former student, an old friend, and family...

Today was a busy, but fun day. We went to surprise one of my former students. Brittney was in my 6th grade class when I taught in St. Louis, and she is now a senior! yikes! I can't believe she is getting ready to enjoy her last few months of high school. She is performing in her last high school play and I wasn't able to make the performance tonight, so we brought her flowers to school instead. She was SO surprised to see us and the smile that she had, brightened the room. It make me really happy to see her. She is one student who I will NEVER forget. When she was in my class, her mom passed away from a heart attack (her dad had passed away when she was a toddler). She came to school the next day because she didn't have anywhere else to go.... :( That year, she came to our house to celebrate mother's day that year with my family and she is definitely a strong woman. She is heading to college next year to be a theater major and I couldn't be more proud. It's definitely a small world though, because her drama teacher from high school is a friend of mine! Lara and I started school together in the 4th grade and were together in school all the way through high school. It was great to see her as well and catch up. Definitely a fun memorable day!

Had another great day hanging out with family...Evan liked hanging out with my Aunt Barb and Uncle Mark and running errands. I think his favorite part of the day was playing with grandpa and grandma and taking a bath in the huge tub! :) Happy Friday!