Friday, June 13, 2008


Amy posted about finding this great link where you can disable the right mouse clicking so no one can "take" your here But I need help on how to do this! Can anyone help me?


jenny said...

i have no idea where i would put it in a typepad blog but dang - that's cool! i'll have to figure it out. i think you might be able to post it right where your template code is in blogger. :)

Anonymous said...

hey kasey... i wouldn't put that code on your blog for a couple of reasons...

1) its seriously annoying for people like me who CONSTANTLY right-click and then 'open in new tab' with links - so that if you put a link on your blog, i can keep it open but still open up the page you're linking to at the same time... make sense?

2) if someone really wants your pictures, all they would have to do is take a screenshot (ctrl-alt-print screen on a PC) and paste it into word or photoshop. no right-clicking needed! although maybe it would slow down people that don't know about that. :)

just some thoughts for ya... also not sure if that code would work for most since a lot of people probably get to you through a reader anyway??