Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey Mr. Postman

Seriously, our postman must have some problems recently. On Saturday I put in 2 cards to be mailed; one for Dan for father's day and another card to send to a friend. Saturday when we went to pick up the new mail, the two cards were STILL in there. I am thinking he didn't pick them up because the flag fell down, who knows?! So today, Monday, we tried again. I put the two cards back in there, with the flag up. I come home to check the mail and our new mail is in there, WITH the two cards to be mailed. Seriously! What the heck?! So, needless to say, I guess our mailman must NEED that flag to be up in order for him to take the letters. But can't he look in there when he is putting in the NEW mail to see that there are letters to be mailed?! Geez! Mike is going to just take them by the post office and drop them off since our postman is having a hard time with picking up our letters. Dan, you'll be getting your Father's Day card soon, I promise! Hope your Monday is starting off on the right foot!