Sunday, June 22, 2008

Enjoying summer

Some of you may have been asking yourself "What is Kasey up to this summer?" So...I've decided to show you with pictures! :)
  • I've been hanging out in the sunshine with my new pool
  • Taking trips to Target to browse all the wonderful things that I wish I could get
  • Wrapping birthday gifts
  • Going out for drinks with some great friends
  • Cleaning and organzing our kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets (fun, right?!)
  • Reading all the new Mark Twain books for next year so I am ahead of the game with my students

What have you been up to this week????


Dan and Amanda said...

You crack me up!


jenny said...

dang - you have been busy! want to come over to my house and organize my cupboards? :)

lina said...

Look @ those cupboards, I love them! Makes my OCD not look so wierd, thank you! :) I am so into being organized it is not funny!