Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day Weekend

  • Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!
  • I want to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day...

  • Dad,
Thank you for being there for me. For showing me that if I want something to go out and get it. Thank you for loving me and my brother and sister and now our spouses. Thank you for showing me tough love at times but also knowing when to back off. Thank you for telling me the truth and holding me accountable. Thank you for loving, listening, and defending us when needed. Thank you for showing me how to be proud of myself, but also knowing when not to boast or brag. Thank you for taking us kids to all of our soccer, basketball, and baseball games growing up; whether it was freezing cold or scorching hot, you were there along with mom. Sometimes I know we complained (ha!) about having to practice sports in the yard or run at the park, but you pushing us had made us the people we are today, not to mention helped us get free college tuition because of our athletic abilities. Thank you for taking me to have surgery and caring for us after all of those sports injuries too! :) Thank you for everything you've done for us growing up to help us become independent people. Thank you for loving us even when we mess up and wreck cars or say mean things or disappoint. Thank you for showing us how to forgive and what the true meaning of family means. We love you and mom so much even if we don't say it everyday! Thank you for being you and as each year that passes, our love towards you continues to grow. We are so proud of you and mom and know that you are proud of all of us too!
Happy Father's Day.