Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lazy Sunday

  • Mike started working on the evening shift today so for the next year it's going to be an adjustment for us. I liked that we had the same schedule, but now he's working from 2 pm -midnight. Summer will be fine, but once school starts back up in the fall, the only time I'll really see him is during his days off. :(

  • I can't believe I have 2 more days of school. I am very excited! I wanted to make my students a great going away/graduation gift (especially because I had them the last 2 years), so I asked Ryan (actually Heather) if he would make me a dvd/cd of pictures. He did a great job and they are going to love it! There are about 300 pictures from the last 2 years and they picked out the songs. I made the cover last night and thought I did a pretty good job! :) Look for lots of pics in the next couple of days....we have the variety show/graduation/picnic/and skating.

  • Since Mike is working I've been watching the MTV Music Awards and it is highly entertaining as Mike Myers as the host. Adam Sandler won the generation award and they showed a highlight video reel of all his movies and they are hilarious! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday night!


Amy said...

John worked the evening shift for years. Then 3 years ago, he went midnight to 8, but recently he went to days! I think every shift change is initially difficult. Once you get into a new routine it probably won't seem as bad. I wish you well with the transition.

lina said...

I will have to try to catch the re-plays of the MTV Music awards. I forgot to DVR them :( They are usually so funny, but w/ Mike Meyers, I'll bet it was even better!