Saturday, May 31, 2008

Running around...

Today was a day where we did lots of little things and I've felt like we've been going non-stop since last night! :) Some of the 2nd shift co-workers at Mike's work had a BBQ starting at 11:30 pm. Yep...starting at 11:30 PM because they don't get off shift until then. So we headed over there and had a blast catching up/talking/joking around with about 6 others coworkers. We headed home around 2:45 am or so. I am definitely feeling it today. We woke up around 8 am and had to get the house ready for someone to come look at it. Mike cut some tree branches off and then took Jack to his parents house while I finished mopping the floor and sweeping and then we headed to Warrenton (about an hour away) to meet Ryan and Heather and the kiddos for lunch. They were both so kind to come and meet us and bring the 25 dvd's of a slideshow that I am giving my students as a graduation gift. I am so thankful that he can do that! :) Then we headed over to a friend's house whose son was having a graduation party and now we are getting ready to watch a movie and relax! Hope you have a great weekend~
Can you believe how fast May went by and that June 1st is tomorrow!?
Also, Happy Anniversary Ryan and Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack riding in the back of the new Escape for the 1st time! Awww....

Jack hanging out on our new rug in the living room :)