Sunday, May 11, 2008

Great Weekend!

Thank you to Amanda and Dan for hosting us this weekend. Mike and I had a great time! We got in early enough of Friday to see the girls before bed. They were so cute showing us their gymnastics and their finished basement. It is gorgeous! Saturday we woke up and went to Maddy's soccer game. She is amazing and for sure takes after both of her athletic parents! :) We went to eat at a sub shop and went to a pet shop to see all the cute little puppies. That afternoon we watched the girls play on their new swingset that Dan built and also watched them ride their bikes. Mallory was so cute driving the power wheel and Madison is such an expert on her two wheeler! We had a bbq that night for dinner and it was delicious....I wish we lived closer than 6 hours away so we could see them more often, but at least it's close enough to drive! Hope you all had a great weekend! To see more pics scroll down to see the post about Dan's birthday!
Happy Mother's Day Amanda!!!!!


Denise H. said...

Cute Pictures! And man, I wish that I had a swing set like that when I was little. Talented Man their dad is!