Sunday, May 4, 2008


  • WaW= What a weekend! I am going to try to sum everything up from this weekend in one post with the pictures. It was non-stop craziness all weekend! Busy, busy, busy!!!
  • FRIDAY: Our friends (whose house we are hoping to buy) had their neighborhood garage sale on Sat. So, we took all of the furniture over there that we had, his parents had and what Dave had. As we were unloading the furniture, I guess people were already "shopping" because as soon as we unloaded the couch and love seat, we had it sold. This lady came by asked about the couches and were sold within 10 minutes. Crazy! After that, I helped Laura finish pricing some things, we put everything into their living room and set our alarm clocks for 4:30 am. Laura warned us that these real go-getter garage salers would be up early and she was right! I think our first customer came around 6 am.

(Before...filled with furniture and everything in between...)

  • SATURDAY: Woke up and got ready for the garage sale. Mike went in to work so Laura, Geoffrey and I were selling-machines. I was in shock at the number of people that came to this neighborhood sale. There was non-stop action all day...from 6 am to 4 pm. Neighbors were selling food, cars lined up the streets, and even a port-a-potty. It was insane! I was so busy that I forgot to go to my basketball game and coach (good thing I am the assistant!) and I also missed going to the book fair that was in town with a friend. After the garage sale I headed to St. Louis to celebrate my mom's birthday, my brother Brad's birthday, my birthday and Mother's Day. My mom is going to be gone for our birthdays and Mother's Day so we decided to celebrate this weekend. I headed to St. Louis and literally said hello, ran some errands with my mom and wiped out. I was exhausted...

(After....everything gone!)

  • SUNDAY: Waking up Sunday morning was a dream. I actually slept in till 9 am. I felt very rested...My mom and I ran a few errands to get some clothes at Kohls (I'll have to post and show you later) and then pick up the cakes at the bakery. Yummy! We had such a great time together, opened presents, and by the time we finished eating pizza, we were too stuffed for cake! Kelli and Kris had to leave to go to her cousin's daughter's birthday party and I wanted to visit a friend and her new daughter Mia, so I left too. It was a great relaxing weekend!


lina said...

Holy cow! What a sale! Port-a-pottys & all, glad it was a success after all that work!
Hope you had a great time celebrating your Birthday(to be) with your family :)