Thursday, May 1, 2008

Job Shadowing

Today was job shadowing day at a credit union in town. They are our partners in education and came to our class 6 times this year to teach us the kids about money. Especially saving money. They followed this program called Junior Achievement and we did the Dollars and $cents programs. It is really good for them to learn about money at a young age. The kids dressed up today and were so excited to visit "people in the real world!" They had a blast.
What was one of your favorite field trips in elementary school?


Anonymous said...

This wasn't exactly a field trip, but because my dad was a volunteer fireman, he brought me to first grade one day in a firetruck! My whole class got to come out and check it out, so it was kind of like the field trip came to my school. Very fun!

Kelly said...

My favorite field trip was in 2nd grade when our class went and toured the Kellogg plant. We got to go out on the floor and see how cereal is made and got our own boxes of cereal. Kellogg stopped doing the tours a couple years after that.