Friday, October 5, 2007


I know....I's been awhile. Some of you may not have even noticed that it's been 4 days since I've posted! ha! :) Lots of things going on. 1st...I wanted to say a happy birthday to Sage. She is my college roomie's little girl and SO cute! She is 2 today! Happy Birthday!!!

I have been super busy with school. We had mid-trimester reports go home this week and I have had a couple of meetings with parents. Tonight is the Elton John concert and tomorrow MU vs. there is a TON going on. Tonight I dropped off some great friends at the concert and got to tailgate a little with them and tomorrow we have ALOT going on. I have a bunch of teachers meeting at my house around 12 and we are heading over to another friend's bbq and hanging out there for awhile. Around 4ish we are heading to the stadium to tailgate. Tomorrow is "Gold Rush" so today we went to buy the official Gold Rush t-shirts and it was a mess on campus! I can't even imagine what tomorrow is going to be like. Here is a group pic of tonight before the Elton John Concert.

(picture courtesy of Yahoo)

Mike has to work from 7 am this morning until AFTER the Elton John concert he'll be home around 1 am or even later. Tomorrow he has to be at work at 7 am for his regular shift and then stay all day again for the football game. Since the game doesn't start until 8 pm tomorrow...he's gotta work ALL day again! He won't be home until 1 am or later again! He is going to be dog tired! Speaking of dog...I'll leave you with a little pic of Jackboy! :)


heather said...

I missed you! ;)
Glad to see you've been keeping busy. I think.
That Sage is sure a cutie!!
Hope you enjoy your weekend (without your husband apparently... poor Mike!!)!
Talk to you soon!

Amy said...

Good for you to have such a social life. My husband works insane shifts too. Is your husband a police officer? Mine is. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Is Jack obsessed with High School Musical?