Sunday, October 21, 2007

All About me...

Heather completed this awhile ago, so I've decided to give it a try too.
  • 20 years ago I . . .
  1. was in 3rd grade
  2. was probably riding my dirt bike
  3. was probably playing soccer with my sister outside
  • 10 years ago I . . .
  1. was in my first year of college at FIU finishing up the soccer season
  2. living on my own with some great roommates
  3. was enjoying the Florida sun
  • 5 years ago I . . .
  1. was finishing planning our Dec. wedding
  2. was in my first year of teaching
  3. was thrilled when I met the love of my life in such a short amount of time
  • 3 years ago I . . .
  1. was getting ready to move to Columbia with Mike and our dog Gracie
  2. was teaching 4th grade
  3. spent a lot of time back and forth to St. Louis to see my family
  • 1 year ago I . .
  1. was wondering if Mike was ever going to recover from his car accident
  2. was enjoying a great summer NOT teaching summer school
  3. was playing fetch with our puppy Jack
  • So far this year I . . .
  1. am amazed at how fast a year really does go by...
  2. painted 3 rooms and put down a new kitchen floor
  3. have had 3 surgeries and hopefully no more!
  • Yesterday I . . .
  1. was recovering from getting hit by a deer
  2. watched a movie with my husband
  3. planned our fall conferences with another teacher
  • Today I . . .
  1. am making beer bread
  2. watching football and still recovering from that darn deer
  3. will enjoy the last evening of the weekend before school resumes on Monday
  • Tomorrow I. . .
  1. will be teaching about polygons and wearing a tie for tie day
  2. will have a teacher's meeting after school
  3. will have a relaxing evening with my husband
  • In the next year I will . . .
  1. hopefully meet our first child
  2. take a mini-vacation/girls' weekend away to Chicago during Spring Break
  3. go celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary with my hubby