Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just our luck...

  • Hopefully this isn't too much of a downer post...some things just aren't going right lately!
  • The first day of fall comes and guess what...I get sick! :( I seriously thought my nose was going to fall off. I went through a WHOLE box of kleenex in 3 hours while I was teaching. My kiddos were calling me Rudolph and I let them...I didn't care. I really did look like him with the big 'ol red nose.
  • Mike was injured in the big Mizzou-Nebraska game. He was on bike patrol and him and another officer were on their way to a call where 20-30 people were fighting. He and the other officer took off down the hill and some idiot didn't get out of the way. Mike had to slam on the brakes and flew over the handlebars. He had to get up and go to the call but reality didn't hit until after the game how sore/hurt he was. Monday he went to get xrays and all that stuff because he landed on his bad shoulder. The xrays came out okay for his hip, shoulder, elbow but his back has a disk out of place and they think that is from his ribs swelling. So....he goes back next Tues. to see if it is better and when he can go back to work. So now he is on worker's comp. since the dept. doesn't have light desk duty.
  • We originally were going to go to Indy to celebrate Mallory's 3rd birthday but Mike had to work...well now he doesn't because of his "extra" vacation...bad I do for our school's chicken bbq.
  • Today is our elementary school's annual chicken bbq where we raise about $25,000 for our school. And it is raining.... :( I hope it stops soon. I am working the drive through from 5-7 pm and I don't want to get wet! The good news is that our class sold the most tickets...we sold 120! They rocked! I think we get to celebrate with a pizza party next week.
  • We were thinking of going to Callaway Farms Pumpkin Patch and Maze today with the Morrisons, but we woke up and guessed again. It's raining. still. Our house has been shaking from the thunder that's going on. bummer! I was looking forward to seeing them!


Heather S. said...

I'm so sorry you have had a rough couple of days! I hope you are both feeling better soon!!