Tuesday, October 16, 2007


7 Random Things....this has been going around so I've decided to join in! :)
  • Love my new phone! Our contracts expired so Mike and I decided we needed to upgrade
  • Fall is finally here! I absolutely love that it is chilly outside and that I can wear light sweaters and jeans!
  • We have a basketball hoop that we've seriously only used once! How crazy is that?!
  • My nieces are SO stinkin' cute!!!
  • I hope we have some trick-or-treaters this year...last year, we only had a handful!
  • Why are Mike and I so accident prone? He has to now see a hip specialist from his accident a couple of weekends ago and I had to have a colonoscopy today. Yesterday was the WORST day. Preparing for it was the WORST thing I've ever done. It was even worse than a hang over. More on why I had to have it later...
  • I love that my class behaved today while I had a sub....