Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Update...

  • This might be long...we'll see. It definitely will have a lot of pictures :)

  •  It's Sunday night. Tomorrow I go back to work...full time. After an almost 3 year break. I am not sure how I am really feeling yet. The good news is that Mike is working evenings so he will be home to watch Alex most of the day and Evan will be in preschool 3 or 4 days a week while Mike is working. Mike will drop off Alex at our sitter for a few hours (or his mom is coming over, who is also going to help out and watch A) and then after I get done teaching, I will get both boys. I think it will work out...I think everyone will be happy :) I'm just thankful that Alex gets another year (like Evan did) with one of us at home instead of being in full time daycare. 

  • Alex turned 15 months old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More on this soon...

  •  We were in St. Louis last Wednesday- Friday. Mike had training one of those days and we got to do some fun last minute summer things with the boys. We went to Six Flags, Zoo, Lone Elk Park, celebrated Mike's birthday with my family, went to Chuck E Cheese with my mom, and then to lunch with Kelli and my parents before heading back home. It was such a great trip and I'm so thankful that we are close to them and the drive isn't too far.

  • Six Flags...I think we went on the busiest, hottest day that we could. We did have a good time even though the lines were long :)

  • St. Louis Zoo where the Malones met up with us too :) The first hour of the Zoo a couple of the exhibits that usually cost are free. We finally got to see the stingrays and pet them. We also got to see the sea lions before they started cleaning the tank. Kye and Evan were like two peas in a pod. :) Alex stayed home with Me-maw while he was supposed to take a nap...but decided not too since he had Grandma all to himself ;)

  •  We went on our August Date Night...more to come on this one in a separate post.

  • We stopped by Kelli's work for their back to school night. Evan was ready to enroll in middle school. I said not yet. :) He did look up at her feelings poster and said "I am grumpy" :) Silly boy! This is where we were when the USA Women's Team won GOLD!!! woohoo!

  •  We played in the backyard with Me-maw and Pa-paw and rode bikes. It was gorgeous weather...finally! Not too hot, sunshine. Absolutely perfect!

  • Celebrating Mike's birthday

  • brother and sister (and her boyfriend)'s kickball team got 1st place in Kickball for a Cause for a children's hospital. Brad made the winning play and scored the winning run for them to win! So proud of Kelli, Brad and Josh! Way to go guys! :)

 Hope you had a great weekend! :)