Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday...

Here are 10 things on my mind recently...

  1. Fall Weather and boots, scarves, sweaters
  2. New shows starting! (Love me some Grey's!!)
  3. Thinking about Halloween costumes for us and the boys.
  4. Taking Friday off work for Mike's birthday and then Monday off for a holiday. Nice 4 day weekend ahead with family in town. 
  5. Date night Friday night (birthday celebration with some friends)
  6. Still thinking and dreaming how to finish downstairs playroom. Anyone know how to take a 3 piece sectional sofa upstairs when we had to just roll it down the stairs end over end??? (we might have to take a chain saw to it, but were hoping for another way!) :)
  7. Thinking about rearranging and painting our bedroom...would love to change it up
  8. Unfortunately thinking about how selfish some people are...
  9. Submitting photos for a fun little contest...hopefully the ones I took do well :)
  10. Gift ideas that I can make for Christmas this year...is it too early to start thinking about that?? ;)