Saturday, August 25, 2012

random thoughts...

  • It's been a busy week around here. It was my first full week teaching Monday-Friday. Thankfully I have a great group of ELL students and I am at 2 fantastic schools. I will hopefully try to get some pictures taken of my classroom this year and show ya. I'm in a trailer with another ELL teacher, she has K-2 and I have the 3rd-5th grade students. They are going to be building a wall in between our sides of the room and putting in a new air conditioner, since ours decided to not work through the hottest week of school ;)

  • We had a really great Saturday today besides Evan running a fever yesterday and today...We relaxed and finished laundry (woohoo), we went on a few errands with the boys, laughed and played and watched Alex go crazy running around a blanket on the floor.  Just a great day as a family...throughout the week its a little hectic with both of us working (Mike is on evening shift, so throughout the week I rarely see him except for in the morning for an hour).
  • Busy week ahead and I'm SO excited!!! Mike's birthday is Friday and then on Saturday the Indy Laughlins are coming to town for Labor Day weekend. So thrilled to hang out with them, have the kiddos play and catch up with them. Mike's also running in the Mudrun on Sunday around 12 so that should be fun :) 

  • This video of the boys cracks me up. I asked Evan to keep Alex awake since we were almost home. 

  • Love that I am almost caught up on Project Life! I have just this week to print and write. :) Love this way to record our memories!
  • My nephew, Aiden, turned 5 years old this past week! So glad that he had a great birthday and that we also get to see them this three day weekend. 
 I made the girls a birthday scrapbook...and Aiden was so excited to finally get his too! :) I'm planning on making this until they are 21  :) One page for each birthday. I love looking through each of theirs...and of course  I did this for Evan and Alex too. :)

Love these 4!!

 Hope you are having a great weekend too!