Wednesday, August 15, 2012

15 months...

So this one decided to turn 15 months. 15 months?! I feel like we just had his 1st birthday.

I feel like we were just taking this picture!

Dear Alex,
You have so much energy and love to play with Evan. Especially taking his toys :) You love running and tackling mommy and daddy or Evan if we are lying on the ground. You love to drive the cars and say vroom vroom and take any superhero and fly it through the air making noise. Alex you LOVE to be outside and are such a happy toddler. We are so excited to see what else you'll be doing and learning. We love you!

 Words that you say pretty regularly (I'm sure there are more that I am missing too)

ball, Jack, nigh-nigh, mama, da-da, bye, hi, up,uh-oh,no, tickle, oh, milk

You can now eat with a fork and actually get some food in your mouth! You are really good at kicking a soccer ball and can even do a few "moves". :) You get so excited when there is music on and you love to dance. You will start jumping up and down and laughing trying to get your feet to work how you want them too and you like to sway  your body to the beat. You smile and giggle when we sing and also love when mommy and daddy read to you. It's so cute when you go pick a book from your basket and bring it over to us, throw it in our lap, and then raise your hands up to sit on our lap. You now have 8 teeth with a few others trying to make their way through. You can also sign "milk" and "more" and we are working on a few others, but those two kind of look the same with you clapping :) You are wearing size 2T shirts and pajamas and size 12-18 month shorts. You are still in size 4 diapers and wear size 6 shoes. You are content just playing by yourself with your cars and balls, but definitely love company too and getting  into Evan's stuff and any other thing that you know you aren't supposed to. :) It's so cute watching you play with your make a car noise and roll the car on the ground while one leg is up and the back leg is's adorable watching you get excited when you see real cars driving down our road.
We love watching you turn into this great little person Alex. We love you! Love, Mommy

Just to go back even further down memory lane...

Here's Evan at 15 months and his 15 month stats and dog picture :)

It's crazy how fast time goes!