Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vday party

We had my student's LAST Valentine's Party in their elementary school years...I don't think they even noticed, but their parents did. There was lots of planning involved in this and I think everyone had a great time. They got to make ice cream sundaes or floats and we had a bunch of fun games to play.
  • My girls...
  • My boys....
  • Trying to find the hubba bubba bubble gum in a pile of whipped cream....below is the before...
  • Here is the was too funny watching them get the gum and then trying to blow a bubble.
  • Another game they played was having half of a heart around their neck and they had to find their match. This below was Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical...they were good sports! :)
  • Another game they played was using chopsticks, they had to build a tower with the conversation heart candies. The most someone got was 7....they did pretty well!
  • The last game they played was with a huge marshmallow and a dixie cup. One was the thrower and one was the catcher....the trick was the cup had to stay above their chin. This picture below was a toss up tie breaker.....they both had 20 going into the round....They also loved this one.

Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day...I know I did!


Nicole said...

I love the Hubba Hubba Bubble Gum in the whipped cream idea! HOW FUN!

Amy said...

looks like a fun time - much more fun than my son's no sugar/flour items at his valentines day party. see my blog for the details!

have a great w/e!