Monday, February 18, 2008 well do you know me quiz

  1. How old am I? 28 years old
  2. Do I wear glasses? contacts? neither? I wear glasses...I tried contacts but hated them.
  3. What color is my hair? How long do you think is it? My hair is light brown to the chin
  4. Do I have bangs? no...
  5. What color are my eyes? blue
  6. How tall do you think I am? 5 ft. 7 inches but I claim to be 5'8" or 5'9"
  7. How many times do you think my ears are pierced? once
  8. Do you think I have any non-ear piercings, or any tattoos? not anymore...did have 5 holes in 1 ear and 3 in another and also have had my tongue pierced and one other thing that I am not mentioning here. :)
  9. Do you think I have siblings? Where do you think I am in the birth order? oldest...have a younger sister who is 26 and brother who is 23
  10. Would I rather wear a) jeans and a t-shirt b) a skirt or c) yoga pants and a hoodie? I would rather wear jeans and a shirt
  11. Would I rather wear a) heels b) flip flops or c) tennis shoes? I would wear tennis shoes everyday all day if I 'em!
  12. Am I outspoken or quiet? outspoken
  13. Am I usually late or on time? on time...I don't like being late...
  14. An optimist or pessimist? optimist
  15. Am I accident prone? um....yep....

Congratulations to my husband, Mike and my mom, Karen....they got all 15 correct. :) I should hope so... ha!

Kim had 13 correct

Jenny and Ryan both had 12 correct

Heather had 11

Lina had 10 and Kari had 8

Way to go guys! I'm impressed! I guess people know me pretty well. Nice job!


Dan said...


For the record I didn't formally do the quiz, but I answered them to myself and.... wo hoo!!! I got them all right!!


K.M. Laughlin said...

I knew you would! :) Way to go sis-in-law! :) see you on Friday.