Thursday, February 28, 2008

PT Conf.

There's nothing like parent teacher conferences that make a teacher stress out more....We've been getting prepared by making our portfolios. This year we started something a little different. We have the students lead the conference with just them and their parents. We have 4 going on at once and they run 30 minutes in length instead of 15. If the parents have questions for us we have the last 5-7 minutes to talk to them or we can schedule another time to talk. Most of the time (at least the ones from 1st trimester) didn't need to talk because their child just talked to them and showed them all of the work that they did (good work or bad work). I really like this way, because at least for the 5th graders, it is holding them accountable for the work they've done during the trimester. We have conference tonight and then tomorrow morning, so hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow and I can enjoy it!
How are conferences run where your kids go to school or where you teach????


lina said...

That's the way our daughters school has been running conferences & we all prefer it that way. She isn't @ home sewating out the results (not that she is a bad student) & we aren't rushing home to chew her out :)
Everything can be laid out on the table & the student can be 110% accountable for their actions, abilities & accomplishments.