Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Mike and I went to see Juno this weekend, which is a great movie by the way. Made me laugh alot and cry a little. a cute flick. :) My thoughts for you are this: When does it get to be too much for you when people around you are talking???? Let me explain. When we try to find a place to sit, we don't like sitting around people because they either sit right behind us or right in front of us...even when there are a TON of other seats available. So we are sitting in a good spot where we think others won't come sit by us. Right before the previews start, 2 college girls come sit behind us caddy-corner. As soon as the previews start, they start talking. I find it odd that people who think they are whispering, actually aren't. They were talking loudly about what they were doing that weekend and talking about some of their other friends. I was tempted MANY times during the previews to turn around and ask them to be quiet, but didn't. Why??? I have no idea. Maybe some people don't think the movie "actually" starts until the previews are over. Maybe others think the movie starts when the previews start...which would be Mike and I. I love the previews and get a little upset when others are still talking.
Do you think the movie actually starts when the previews start or after the previews??? When does the talking become to annoying for you? Do you usually say something, ignore it, or move seats???


Nicole said...

While I do enjoy watching previews, I guess I'd still say the movie starts when the previews end. I don't think I'd be too irritated if people were talking during previews (I may be one of those people that talk LOL! I just can't think if I do for sure or not), but if they were still talking when the movie started I'd be really mad. I'm not sure if I'd say something or keep my mouth shut and fume. Maybe go tell someone that works there? LOL!

Heather S. said...

I totally agree with Nicole - I would get irritated once the previews end. Totally frustrating!

LeeAnn said...

I enjoy watching the previews and tend to think that the movie starts then. They do dim the lights, right? But I would probably give them the benefit of the doubt and wait to see if they stop after the previews end.
Tony and I also want to go see Juno. Hopefully in the next couple weeks! :) Glad to hear it was a good movie!

Swartzie said...

I get PO'd whenever I MISS the previews! So if someone is talking, I defo get angry.

It didn't happen during previews, but: once a few years ago, I was at the theatre and this couple wouldn't stop talking during the film. This was during the first 10 minutes.

I shhhhh'd em a few times to no avail. SO finally, I stood up and told them to be quiet. We got into verbal fisticuffs, and I stormed out to find the manager.

I got em kicked out, and the manager came in, appologized to everyone, we all got refunds, free ticket vouchers, and they restarted the movie. (it was the late show)

You don't mess with me when I go to the movies. That's why I usually go alone :)