Saturday, February 2, 2008

Paint...part 2

What was I thinking???? Mike had to work today and has to stay a little bit later because Bill Clinton is on campus speaking this afternoon, so Mike has to be there for safety reasons. I thought I would get the main bathroom painted. I used the same paint as our bathroom, Brown Teepee, and it looks pretty good in there. I did mess up a little on the ceiling, so I'll have to get some white paint to fix that. I am exhausted. It is 3:45 and I started around 9 am. I did take a trip to the mall and Home Depot for a smaller paintbrush, so I guess it took me around 5 hours to tape, clean, paint, put fixtures back on, and put a new shower curtain/towels together. Here are a few pictures...I am liking it! :) Have a great Saturday...I'm going to lay down!


Heather S. said...

Looks great, Kasey! Gives me motivation to paint the girls' bathroom!

Amie R said...

Wow! You are a painting FOOL!!! It's looks very good. I like the browns!