Thursday, September 1, 2011

advice please :)

Alright...I could definitely use advice, thoughts, and your two cents. :)

Evan has gone to Mother's Morning Out for two days now. The past two times I've picked him up, the teacher (there are two) has only told me negative things that Evan did while at school.

We love this place, the people are nice and Evan is learning new things, but...I'm feeling a little uneasy about some of it as well.  I am just wondering if I am focusing too much on this or worrying too much, or just need to let it go or do something else.

Here's just a couple of things that happened.
1. The teacher telling me that Evan is throwing and pushing at recess, but is receptive to listening and being in time out. This is literally the first thing out of her mouth when I picked him up both times. :(

2. Telling me that he has pushed/dumped his dixie cup at snack time with juice in it. I told him we've been working on that at home, but he doesn't get juice, so that may be a small part of it as well.

3. At lunch today, I sent in applesauce, fruit, and chicken nuggets (with dip because he won't eat it otherwise). She told me that parents usually send in finger foods; I told her I thought I did today. She said the applesauce wasn't...and I told her that he can eat that on his own with a spoon. It will be messy, but he definitely does it on his own. I guess they were feeding it to him??? Also, the dip with the chicken nuggets, wasn't even opened! chicken was eaten.

I just want to know if I'm over-reacting...if I need to have another conversation with the teacher...or what?
I told her today that with the pushing and throwing things, we also do time outs and take the toy away at home. just feels like they are only telling me negative things...not some of the positive, good things that he does as well.

I know he's 2...I know it's a phase, but it doesn't make it any easier hearing that your child is doing these things and not hearing any of the good things too. He is a good kid, but obviously a strong willed, active, intense two year old...any advice would be appreciative! Thank you! :)


Laura Kurz said...

Tough...I definitely think talking to the teacher again could help. I'm with you on the cup thing too - Charlie would be like, "Cool! Cups for me to turn over!" I don't think you are over reacting.

Amber said...

I'm sorry! Wish I had some advice. I think I would feel the same way as you. Don't most teachers "sandwich" comments so you hear positive ones, too?

lina said...

I would talk with the teacher again. Like you stated...he is 2. A constant negative report would be discouraging! Good luck..

Anonymous said...

You just described our son Daniel's experience at preschool and public schools and it makes me sad to read! Raising a bright, strong willed child is difficult but also the most rewarding thing you'll ever do. They grow up to be fine young men that can do anything!

Some of our policies were to expect the teacher to deal with issues as they arise. We would talk about it at home but tried not to punish or harp about what happened during the day. If the teacher can not be positive and accept his differences, find a better teacher! Evan will respond positively to a great teacher but will probably test a poor teacher beyond her capacity. Good luck, hang in there.