Wednesday, September 14, 2011

too many thoughts

There are too many thoughts swirling around in my brain lately and lots of upcoming changes happening in our household, so bullets it is.

  • I am going back to work, teaching English as a Second Language. It really is going to be the perfect scenario for us, I think. I am working (getting my hard earned Master's pay!) 5 days a week, for 3 hour a day. I am at a different school each day, 4 elementary schools and 1 junior high. Mike's mom is going to watch the boys 2 days a week and for the other three days, we are having someone come to our home to watch the boys. I am glad that they will be in our house and I don't have to get them packed up with diapers/clothes/etc and bring them somewhere since it really is for a short amount of time. Evan will still go to Mother's Morning Out on Tuesday and Thursday and I'll just drop him off on  my way to work. I'm excited to get back into teaching. Of course I'll miss the boys, but I'm not going to will be a nice break too! :)

  • I've slowly started couponing. Nothing too crazy or extreme...but I like that I can find little ways to save, especially on diapers! :) So....Mom, make sure to save your weekend inserts for coupons for me! :)

  • I wish I had enough energy at the end of the day, after the boys are in bed, to get caught up on scrapbooking and filling out their baby books. I am SO glad that I can find 10 minutes a day though to update the blog...that way, when I do have a little bit longer to sit in quiet, I can refer back to the blog for information :) 

  • We have the Columbia Race for the Cure walk this weekend. Hopefully it doesn't rain like last year. 

  • just cause these are cute...