Thursday, September 22, 2011


How can it be Thursday already?! I can't hardly catch my breath with how busy it has been this week.

  • Love the new job(s)! I am at a different school every day and love the variety of students. The only downside is trying to work around schedules! 
  • It's getting chilly outside! :) Yeah...fall! So excited for this season! Love our daily walks in the double stroller too.
  • Got a call this morning to go pick up Evan from Mother's Morning Out...gulp...apparently he was pushing other kids and wouldn't sit in time out. Anyone else's kid ever got kicked out of preschool?
  • Alex started rice cereal those first few times where they have no idea what they are eating!
  • Can the cleaning fairy please come to my house every few days? Please?!
  • Busy planning my SIL's baby shower
  • Finding daycare is hard...
  • Love the way E likes trying to get A to laugh...and most of the time he can!
  • Headed to STL this weekend for a friend's baby shower
  • So happy tomorrow is Friday!