Sunday, September 25, 2011


Here we are again getting ready for the week ahead.  Why do weekends always seem to go SO fast? I feel like I never even got a chance to sit down and relax...

Was on the road to St. Louis by 7:30 am
Stop by my parent's house, change clothes and feed Alex
Pick up Kelli
Baby shower for Jamie
Target trip
Teacher's Store
Drop Kelli off
Stop by my parent's house, feed Alex
Head over to Christy's house to buy some clothes from her son, Jack, for Evan
Target return
Head back to my parent's house, feed Alex, change blow out diaper
On the road headed back to Columbia by 7:30 pm was non-stop all day.
Mike and Evan hung out all day...went to a free movie at the theater and then met Dave at the farm showcase here in town. They went on a hayride, saw horses, and got a pumpkin. :)

And Sunday wasn't any better.

Church (worked in the nursery)
Put away 5 baskets of clothes
Clean/organize closets/drawers
Go through toys
Make dinner
Trip to Sam's
Clean up dinner
Now, it's 9 pm...finally have sat down for more than 15 minutes and I'm fading fast :)

Hope you had a great and busy weekend too! :)