Sunday, November 15, 2009

getting ready...

Wow! I can't believe it is less than 2 months until Christmas is here. Today, the weather has made it feel like winter...rainy and cold, so some hot chocolate, football, and Christmas wrapping is underway. Since today is Sunday survey, I'd like to know about...

  1. How do you shop for others for the holidays? Do you just go out, browse, and find something you'd like to get for that person, or do you have an idea ahead of time and then look for that specific thing?
  2. Do you make a list for the gifts you are buying others (and check it twice...ha!) OR how do you stay organized with gift giving?
  3. Do you have a budget for your Christmas gifts?
  4. Does your hubby or significant other help with the gift buying/ideas for family members or is that task left up to you?
Check out the comments for my answers...


K.M.L said...

1. When giving gifts I like to have an idea ahead of time and then go out and try to find that specific gift. I like the challenge of trying to find the perfect gift.
2. To stay organized for gift giving, I have a document in Word with all of the people we are buying gifts for. When I get the gift I link it or write it there including the cost.
3. Yes we have a budget for each person....for our nieces we have a little more wiggle room! :) I like trying to come up with the most creative gifts that aren't that expensive to stay within the budget.
4. It is mostly left up to me just because Mike knows how much I love shopping (and spending money), but there is input from him on whether or not the gift is a good idea or if they'd like it.

Laura said...

Fun. :) Are you guys getting anything for Evan this year? Charlie would like anything he can put in his mouth.

heather said...

1. usually have ideas ahead of time for that person whether it's specific or general and try to find it that way.
2. i start out with lists... don't always keep up on them.
3. we have a budget in terms of the max amount we'll spend on each person. i like the challenge of keeping under that and being creative.
4. my husband helps a lot... i usually say his family is up to him and my family is up to me, but we often shop together. if they're handmade gifts (which we're trying to do more and more of), they're always left to me :)

Heather S. said...

1. I try to have some idea of what I am going to by people. Although, I rarely right it down so I often forget what I was thinking of!
2. I don't keep track of anything - I usually end up digging through bags to remind myself what I still need.
3. Have never had much of a budget in the past because I just always try to get the best deal on things. This year, however, I have a budget. With 3 kids and 6 nieces and nephews, I have to have a limit.
4. I pretty much to it all. I leave Kevin's dad up to him but otherwise I do it.

Funny because I tend to be a little OCD, but after typing out my answers I am clearly not OCD when it comes to Christmas shopping.

FourFullers said...

1. I tend to make a list ahead of time for most of my gifts, but I also like to browse just because I like to shop! I like the challenge of finding the perfect gift, but for some it's just really hard because they are so hard to buy for. Living in Italy helps because it offers us a chance to get some really unique gifts for people!
2.I make a list, but it is usually just a written out list not quite as high tech with the word doc.
3.We have a budget for everyone from each other to the kids and all the rest and we try really hard to stick to it!
4. I pretty much do it all! Chad just gives his opinion if he doesn't like soemthing, but he doesn't usually have an idea to replace it!

Love Christmas shopping and GIVING!