Sunday, November 1, 2009

Florida Day 4

Wednesday was spent looking around at all of the changes my college has undergone. I attended FIU and played soccer (for those that don't know) so being back there and seeing the huge changes the campus has undergone has been amazing. They now have a Division 1 football team...I think they have even won a game! ha! Their stadium is of course huge and immaculate, while the soccer stadium is still the same...not very good! Their are so many new buildings...they now have a nursing school and law school. It was great to be back and be able to take Evan there. We even got him his very own FIU shirt to sport when he's a little bit bigger. Standing in front of the basketball arena...Isiah Thomas is now the men's head coach! The good ol' soccer brings back such memories of when I was in shape! ha! Campus and the library... After reminsicing we headed down to Miami Beach. The weather was gorgeous and it was great to be able to just hang out in the sun, listen to the waves and relax. We brought Evan down to experience the waves (which were bigger here than up in Fort Lauderdale) and the noise and seeing the water come at him scared him to pieces! He was not a big fan! Poor baby!!! Once we took him away from the loud, crashing waves coming at him, he was fine... Hanging out with Grandma while Mike and I swam Once we got back to our place we swam some more... It was a good day!