Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top 10 car edition

Top 10 reasons that I'm thankful for our car situation...

  1. Mike gets to use the undercover company car every other month! woohoo! We save on gas!
  2. Our Escape's anti-lock brake light came on yesterday...glad I got it checked out. It turns out my axle was broken! That definitely could've been bad...
  3. While getting our car fixed, (we had to wait 2 hours!) Evan was amazing! The mechanics were making faces at him, getting him to laugh, and talking to him...it was really cute.
  4. Glad that we can fit Jack, luggage, and ourselves into our car when heading to St. Louis (not sure what we are going to do with all the presents at Christmas time!).
  5. Our cars are paid off!
  6. Evan loves riding in the car and is such a great napper in there! (Let's keep fingers crossed that it stays that way!).
  7. I love my 5 cd changer (currently listening to the New Moon Soundtrack and Carrie Underwood's new CD).
  8. Thankful that we haven't hit a deer this year!
  9. Mike's cavalier is falling apart, but still works...we are hoping after our tax return to get something else for him...(or he gets the escape and I get something!)
  10. Hoping everyone has safe travels over this Thanksgiving holiday, especially my mom, uncles, and aunts who are headed to see my Aunt Barb down in Texas tonight.


Laura said...

I think Mike gets the cavalier and you get something. ;) Happy Thanksgiving! Hope those teef (as I call them) come in soon.