Sunday, November 29, 2009


Getting old is never any fun, especially when you try running around with girls who've just graduated in the last few years! Our high school had our first annual alumni soccer game on Saturday. The girls played at 11 and the guys played at 1. Since Kelli and I graduated in '97 and '99, we got to be on the same team which was fun. Let's just say, graduating high school 12 years ago and trying to play like I used to doesn't mix anymore! I am s.l.o.w...I didn't have the same touch on the ball that I used to, but definitely had a lot of fun seeing old friends and catching up. I actually think I did pretty well considering I just had a baby 6 months ago! It was a little weird to have to go nurse Evan at halftime...I'm 100% sure I didn't do that at the games in high school! ha! Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better day...almost 70* and sunny...beautiful soccer weather. :) Now, let's hope I can move these next few days and aren't completely sore...doubt it! Kelly '98, Tracie '98, Carrie '96 (her son Brandon), me '97 (Evan) and Kelli ('99) Class of '97 players...Dennis, me, Mike, and Nick Jill '96, Natalie '99, Coach Casa, me, Kelli, Tracie, and Coach Bayens