Monday, October 19, 2009


We headed to the doctor today (again) because this past weekend, Evan hasn't been sleeping great, has diarrhea, and doesn't want to eat. They had us put the mask on Evan as soon as we got there, which is a good thing! There were so many people in the waiting room and I'm glad we didn't have to wait there long. I love our doctor...anytime I have a question or anything they get back to us or have us come in. Love that. Evan has a virus, he also has tiny spots over his tummy and back. So, we basically just need to wait it out and let the virus run its course. I can continue giving him infant Tylenol and just lots of cuddles (which is okay by me!). This little man has also doubled his birth weight...he is now 16 lbs 8 oz!!!! Hopefully this virus will leave quickly since we are headed to Florida on Sunday for a week! Doesn't he look SO cute though in his mask?! Even for not feeling great, he's still his smiley self! :)


Laura said...

Too stinking cute! That mask should go in his scrapbook. :) Glad you went to the doctor.

Sarah Hage said...

What a cutie, even at a not fun place like the doctor's office! I hope he feels better soon!