Thursday, October 29, 2009


Photobucket I'm in....join in the fun!!! Thanks Heather and Nicole for getting some great ideas!

  • Mondays: "Not Me Mondays" (blog about mis-haps embarrassments)
  • Tuesdays: "Top Ten Tuesdays"(make a top ten list for whatever you want)
  • Wednesdays: "Wednesday Works" (share something of the old "works for me" school of thought or share a project you're working on, want to work on, need help with or even share a behavior/habit you or your family is working on)
  • Thursdays: "Thoughts for Thursdays" -of course!- (blog about a topic of opinion)
  • Fridays: "Flashback Fridays" (blog about a memory or even photo from the past)
  • Saturdays: "Saturday Social" (share new or favorite websites or blogs you come across)
  • Sundays: "Sunday Survey" (random questions)


heather said...

The more the merrier!!