Friday, October 16, 2009

things going on...

  • Got this from Heather's blog to use today...Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Outside my window... it's cold, wet, and rainy. Definitely not a fall favorite day...
  • I am thinking... of Mallory's 5th birthday this weekend (can it really be 5 years already!?), my aunt, and possible doing homework this weekend.

  • I am thankful for...lunch with friends, my family, a great hubby, and a happy baby!
  • In my kitchen... Jack is snoring and the dishes need to be put away. Wondering what to make for dinner.
  • I am wearing... a white tank top and blue jeans with socks on...

  • I am creating... Christmas gifts for family and a mountain of laundry to put away
  • I am going... to watch some movies tonight while doing som e homework :(

  • I am reading... The Hour I First Believed, Breaking Dawn, The Cat in the Hat, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, lots of blogs, and Strategies for Teaching ELL Learners.
  • I am hoping... for lots of things...hoping my aunt's cancer goes awa y, Evan doesn't get sick, for a warm fall day, a fun trip to Florida next week and the cleaning fairy to come to my house!

  • I am hearing...Evan "talking" while in the exersaucer, the news, and Jack snoring.
  • Around the house... laundry and dishes getting done right now, findi ng winter clothes, a need to get all of the clutter put away and get the leaves raked

  • One of my favorite things right now... knowing that in about 1 week we will be going to Florida!!!!
  • A few plans for the weekend... homework, chicken bbq at elem. school, family time, organizing and packing, cleaning

  • A picture to share... seriously love this kid! His facial expressions crack me up. He is such a joy in our lives and we are so thankful.


heather said...

He looks so OLD in that picture!